Chandigarh Traffic e Challan Status Online - eChallan Chandigarh Payment Information (2023)

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Complete guide to violations and penalties - E-challan Chandigarh

Chandigarh e-challan: Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution

How to check Chandigarh Traffic e-challan status?

You can check your Chandigarh traffic police challan status using the Park+ website or Parivahan website.

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Use the Park+ website and know your challan status in two simple steps:

  • Visit the Chandigarh e-challan web portal on the Park+ website.
  • Enter your vehicle number and view your challan status details.

Use the Government of India official website- Parivahan, to check your challan status:

  • Visit the Parivahan e-challan webpage.
  • Enter your Challan number/vehicle number/ Driving license number.
  • A list of your e-challans shall be displayed.
  • Click on the challan to check its status.

How to pay e-challan issued by Chandigarh traffic police?

You can pay an e-challan issued by Chandigarh traffic police both online or offline.

Paying traffic e-challan online:

There are two ways of paying Online for e-challan Chandigarh - using Parivahan website, and using the Chandigarh Transport official website.

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Using Parivahan website:

You can also pay your Chandigarh traffic e-challan by using the Government of India's official e-challan website - Parivahan.

  • Visit the Parivahan e-challan webpage.
  • Enter your Challan number/Vehicle number/Driving License number.
  • Enter the Captcha code and click on ""Get Details"".
  • From the displayed list of e-challans, select one to make the payment.
  • Your offense details shall be displayed along with the pending fine.
  • Proceed with the payment.
  • Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation along with the transaction ID.

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    Using Chandigarh Government's official web portal:

  • Visit the Chandigarh Traffic Police website.
  • Under the "Services" drop-down menu, click on "Online Payment of Challan".
  • Under the heading "Proceed to Online Payment of Postal Challan", click on "Online Payment Gateway".
  • You will be redirected to the Parivahan website of the Government of India.
  • Enter your Challan number/Vehicle number/Driving License number.
  • Then, enter the Captcha code and select "Get Details".
  • Now, from the list of e-challans, select the one for which you want to make the fine payment.
  • The pending amount shall be displayed along with your offense details.
  • Upon successful payment process, you will receive a confirmation along with the transaction ID.

    Paying Chandigarh traffic e-challan offline:

    To pay the e-challan issued by Chandigarh traffic police offline, you can choose either of these two options:

  • Visit any traffic police station in your city along with your Driving Licence, Address and Identity Proof, and traffic violation challan. Pay your fine in cash and get the receipt.
  • Locate a traffic police officer with a handheld e-challan payment device. Swipe your debit/credit card to make cashless payment there and then.


    To know documents you should carry. [Click Here](

    What are the latest traffic violations and their penalties in Chandigarh?

    As per the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2019, the following is the revised list of penalties and their fines as implemented by the Chandigarh Traffic Police:

    OffensePenalty (in Rs)
    First OffenceSubsequent Offence
    Driving without Driving License/expired License50005000
    Failure to produce Driving Licence5001,000
    An unauthorized person driving the vehicle5,0005,000
    Learner driving without displaying L Plates5001,000
    Driving without/Expired Registration Certificate (two-Wheelers)3,0005,000
    Driving without/Expired Registration Certificate (Other vehicles)5,00010,000
    Road Tax not paid5001,000
    Driving transport vehicle without Fitness Certificate5,00010,000
    Driving transport vehicle without Permit10,00010,000
    carrying excess passengers200 per excess passenger
    Driving without/expired insurance2,0004,000
    Failure to report a change of address within the prescribed period5001,000
    Violating air pollution standards2,0005,000
    Failure to provide passage to emergency vehicles- Fire Service Vehicle/Ambulance10,00010,000
    Use of mobile phone while driving2,00010,000
    Heavy vehicle-2,000
    Heavy vehicle- 4,000
    Driver mentally/ physically unfit5001,000
    Violation of mandatory road signs5001,000
    Disobeying Police Orders1,0001,500
    Racing And Trails Of Speed5,00010,000
    Wrong Parking5001,000
    Driving without helmet1,0001,000
    Triple Riding on 2-Wheeler1,0001,000
    Honking unnecessarily1,0002,000
    Driving without seat-belt1,0001,000
    Child below 14 Yrs not Secured by safety Belt/Child Restraint System1,0001,000
    Offenses by JuvenileCourt-

    Source: Chandigarh Traffic Police website

    To know what happen when you don't pay challan. [Click Here](

    What are the basic road safety rules to be followed in Chandigarh?

    Violation of road safety rules is a punishable offense in Chandigarh. All categories of vehicles should follow the following basic traffic rules:

  • Drive on the left side:
    Keep to the left side of the road while driving. If there are no dividers or lanes, let the traffic pass safely through your right.
  • Overtake from the right:
    Always overtake from the right side after flashing the indicator or honking the horn. Avoid overtaking on the narrow lanes as it may jeopardize others lives.
  • Respect traffic police:
    Never disobey or argue with the police offers. Bribing an officer is a punishable offense. Co-operate with the police to ensure smooth movement of traffic on the road.
  • Respect traffic signals:
    Jumping the traffic signals can cause you a heavy penalty. If there are any pedestrians, wait for them to cross before moving your vehicle.
  • Obey ""No Parking Signs"":
    Never park your vehicle in the ""No Parking zone"". Also, avoid parking on busy corners or in the middle of the road. Your vehicle can obstruct other motorists and cause accidents or chaos.
  • Understand the road signs and markings:
    Every driver needs to understand and obey the markings and informatory signals on the road. These signs prepare/warn you of what lies ahead. They also indicate what you're allowed or not allowed to do while driving on the lane further.
  • Make way for emergency vehicles: If you see emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, fire engines trying to pass, make way for them. Blocking their passage may lead to loss of life/property. Therefore, it is considered a punishable offense.
  • Carry relevant documents:
    A vehicle owner must always carry the following documents in his vehicle:
  • For all Vehicles:
    Driver's License, Registration certificate, Insurance certificate, and Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  • Only for Commercial Vehicles:
    Fitness certificate and tourist permits
  • Honking:
    Honk only when necessary e.g while overtaking, changing lanes, or passing through a narrow lane. Do not blow horns in front of schools and hospitals.
  • Adhere to the Speed Limits:
    Always adhere to speed limits both while driving within the city or on highways. Overspeeding or racing on the road may lead to accidental deaths.
  • Use of lights:
    Use the side indicator lights while switching lanes or turning around. Also, use the fog lights and the emergency light in case of heavy rains or fog. This shall warn the other motorists to maintain a safe distance while driving.
  • Do not use mobile phones while driving: Never use mobile phones while driving. In case of an urgent call, first, park your vehicle on the roadside and then use your mobile.
  • Never drink and drive:
    Drunk driving is a punishable offense across India. It can cost you a very heavy fine, imprisonment, or a permanently suspended license. Before getting behind the wheels, make sure that the alcohol level in your blood is within permissible limits.
  • A learner should be accompanied:
    A Learner should never drive alone. He must have someone with a valid driving license sitting beside the passenger seat.
  • Prioritize pedestrians:

    Always let pedestrians cross the road first. Slow down your vehicle or stop if there's a zebra crossing ahead. Make way for school-going children and senior citizens.

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    Other safety rules for two-wheeler drivers in Chandigarh:

  • Only one pillion rider:
    Two-wheelers can have only two riders - one driver and one pillion passenger at the back. Motorcyclists and scooter riders are not allowed triple-riding.
  • Wear safety helmets:

    Both the driver and the pillion rider must wear approved safety helmets for protection from a severe head injury. Wearing knee and elbow guards is also advisable.

    Other safety rules for four-wheeler drivers in Chandigarh:

  • Always wear seat belts:
    Wearing seat belts is essential while traveling in a car. Besides the driver, other passengers should also wear seat belts to avoid injuries in case of unexpected jerks, sudden brakes, or mishaps. Children sitting in the back seat should also have a harness or belt.
  • Use mirrors and indicators:
    Always adjust your rearview mirror before hitting the road. The rearview mirror, called the third eye of the driver, is very helpful while taking a turn, changing lanes, overtaking a vehicle, and reversing the vehicle. It is also a good practice to use indicators for the right turn, left turn, and parking/stopping.


What happens if traffic challan not paid in Chandigarh? ›

A.: For anyone who fails to pay the fine after 60 days: 1. They will be visited by a Traffic Police officer to collect the fine from the registered home address.

How can I check my traffic challan in Chandigarh? ›

To complete the online traffic challan status check in Chandigarh, you can follow the below steps: Step 1: Visit the official Parivahan website ( Step 2: Click on the 'Check Online Services' option in the top menu bar and select 'Check Challan Status' from the drop-down menu.

What is the rate of challan in Chandigarh? ›

Traffic Fines in Chandigarh
Traffic Rules ViolationChandigarh Traffic Challan Rates
Wrong or no number plateRs. 5,000 for the first offence ● Rs. 10,000 for the second offence
Road tax not paid● Rs. 500 for the first offence ● Rs. 1,000 for the second offence
14 more rows

How many days to pay challan in Chandigarh? ›

Is there a deadline to pay Chandigarh traffic e challans? Within 60 days of the challan issued, one has to pay the traffic e-challan in Chandigarh.

Where can I pay my challan? ›

You can pay your traffic challan at any traffic police station in your city. If you have received a letter for traffic violation, carry that with you and visit the nearest traffic police station.

What is 1000 rs challan in Chandigarh? ›

List of fines for e-challan in Chandigarh (Punjab/Haryana)
Traffic offenceFirst offence fine
Driving beyond the speed limitsTwo-wheeler: Rs. 1,000, LMVs: Rs. 1,000, Other vehicles: Rs. 2,000
Drunken drivingRs. 10,000 (and/or imprisonment)
Driving in a physically or mentally unfit conditionRs. 500
19 more rows
Jun 6, 2022

What happens if we don't pay challan in India? ›

If one fails to pay traffic challan fine then a traffic police officer will visit the violator's address to collect the fine. If the e-Challan fine is not paid then the offender will be summoned to the court. And still if the offender does not visit the court, then his /her license will be suspended.

What happens to unpaid traffic fines? ›

If you don't pay or dispute your traffic fine by the due date, and if you do not appear in court to present your case, a warrant for your arrest will be issued automatically, when the case goes to court.

How can I check my traffic fine online? ›

Traffic Fines
  1. Please visit​​​lt.aspx to view your outstanding traffic fines. ...
  2. You can also contact Joburg's call centre: 0860 Joburg or 0860 56 28 74 to get a list of all traffic fines outstanding.
  3. Should you wish to view or pay your fine by credit card - Click h​ere.​

How do I check traffic violation records? ›

  1. Landline. (632) 8356 0101.
  2. Office Hours. Monday - Friday (8am - 5pm)
  3. City Hall. Department of Public Order and Safety Quezon City Hall, Metro Manila.

How do I pay a traffic fine? ›

How to pay your AARTO infringement
  1. Pay fines using Absa Online Banking.
  2. Pay fines using Telephone Banking.
  3. Pay your traffic fines at an ATM.
  4. Paying at the branch.

How many challans are there in Chandigarh? ›

The Chandigarh traffic police issued 602545 traffic challans, which are more than 50 per cent of the total estimated population of Chandigarh, in 2022.

What is the traffic speed limit in Chandigarh? ›

The speed limit has been fixed at 50 km on city internal roads (single road) and 40 km on sector roads. Vehicles with a capacity of more than nine persons can travel at a speed of 50 km on a road with dividers and 40 km on a single road and an inside sector road. Enjoyed reading this?

What is speed limit in Chandigarh? ›

In this regard, a "lane" is defined as a road having a width of approximately 11 feet. Also, the maximum permissible speed (in kilometers per hour) for every category of motor vehicles shall be 30 kilometer per hour, within a range of 80 meters of any roundabout.

Where can I pay my challan at Chandigarh? ›

Payment of Your Chandigarh Traffic Challan
  • Go to any Chandigarh Police officer who has an eChallan machine and give the officer your challan details. ...
  • You can also visit the Chandigarh Police headquarters and make the challan payment.
Apr 11, 2021

What is period in challan? ›

The validity period for a CPIN is 15 days. You cannot make GST payment once a CPIN expires. Additionally, date of expiry for the generated Challan is clearly mentioned on the Challan for your convenience.

What is Chandigarh traffic police Whatsapp number? ›

Report Traffic Rules Violations

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter Page. WhatApp Number : +91 97795 80985.

How long does it take to update challan on traces? ›

the correction will be processed in 24 hours.

How can I deposit money through challan? ›

The date of the deposit in the Challan, the account number of the account to be deposited, the name of the account, the telephone number of the payer, the amount to be deposited should be duly filled in words and numbers and then signed. 5. Denomination Section is the most important part of the Challan.

How do I pay challan with Google pay? ›

Pay bills using Google Pay
  1. Open Google Pay .
  2. From the bottom of the screen, slide up.
  3. Tap New. type in the name of a biller.
  4. From the search results, tap the name of the biller. Link account.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen. If you're asked to enter your Customer ID, you can find it on your physical bill or e-bill.

What is the challan for without helmet in Chandigarh? ›

A fine of Rs 1,000 and 90 days' suspension of the riding licence is the penalty for riding without a helmet in Chandigarh. Under the Chandigarh Motor Vehicle Rules, only Sikh turbaned women are exempted from wearing the helmet while riding two-wheelers.

What is the challan for without helmet? ›

Almost all states in India follow the new amended rules of the Motor Vehicle Act of 2019 and fine a vehicle owner with the new without helmet challan amount. As already mentioned above, the new challan amount has been increased to 1000 rupees from the earlier 100 rupees.

What is the fine for wrong side in Chandigarh? ›

According to Section 122/177 of the Motor Vehicles Act, leaving/parking a vehicle in the wrong position is punishable by law. Transgression of the act attracts a fine of ₹500 for the first violation and ₹1000 for a second or subsequent violation.

Does challan affect visa? ›

Your international visa will not affect. You can also chose to accept the offence and pay the fine and get out. But it depends on the magistrate whether after pleading guilty he only imposes fine and leave you.

Can traffic police cut challan in India? ›

Traffic Police officer can issue challan, not the normal police personnel. Only the head constable or officers of higher post can issue challan. A Head Constable can be identified by the 3 stripes of 'V' shape on the uniform's arm. But, they can only issue a penalty of up to ₹ 100.

How is e-challan paid in India? ›

Using Parivahan website:

You can also pay your e-challan by using the Government of India's official e-challan website - Parivahan. Visit the Parivahan e-challan webpage. Enter your Challan number/Vehicle number/Driving License number. Then, enter the Captcha code and select Get Details.

Can you go to jail for traffic fines? ›

A traffic fine is not an arrest warrant

A provision has been removed from the AARTO Act, which means that motorists cannot be issued with a warrant of arrest for failing to pay their traffic fines. A traffic fine is not a warrant of arrest.

Can you pay a fine after the due date? ›

As with a Section 56 notice, despite the indicated due date, you can still pay up until the court date without incurring late fees.

How long does a traffic fine expire? ›

Regardless of the term of prescription in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act this type of fine expires after 18 months if the summons was not served.

How do I check my traffic fines via SMS? ›

To check the traffic fines, motorists SMS their ID number to 36997 from any cellphone network provider.

How do I pay a fine on easy pay? ›

Enter in the EasyPay number as it appears on your fine. The EasyPay system will send a request to the supported authority and get the amount of the fine to be paid. Supply a reference number or description with the payment. This reference will then be attached to your payment.

Can you pay traffic fines at the post office? ›

Customers can transact at their local Post Offices including the following services: the payment of television licences, municipal accounts, international money transfers and traffic fines.

How do I know if I have no contact apprehension? ›

  1. Search. Enter your notice of violation number and pin code in our search form. ...
  2. VERIFY. Watch and assess the video of the violation to determine whether it is indeed your vehicle committing the violation. ...
  3. PAY.

Can a driver be given a 10 year validity if he has traffic violation? ›

HOW TO RENEW YOUR DRIVER LICENSE WITH 10 YEAR VALIDITY. – Those without a traffic violation record can now renew their Driver's License with a validity of 10 years. Meanwhile, applicants with a traffic violation records will remain on the 5-year validity of Driver's License.

What will happen if the driver fails to pay the corresponding penalty of the apprehension within 15 days? ›

What will happen if the apprehended operator/driver failed to settle his case within 15 days from the date of apprehension? If the apprehended driver/operator failed to settle his case within 15 days from the date of apprehension, it will cause the suspension/revocation of his driver's license.

Can I pay traffic violation online? ›

Pay MMDA Ticket in Landbank Link.

BizPortal website and click “Pay Now.” 2. Choose “Metropolitan Manila Development Authority” from the Merchant List. Alternatively, you can search for it directly through the search bar.

Where can I pay my speeding fine? ›

  • You can pay it at your nearest Municipal court (cash, cheque or postal order).
  • You can pay it at any municipal court or traffic department.
Jan 23, 2020

What is the reference number on a traffic fine? ›

“The reference number on the fine is longer than 20 characters and will read HU/80/............./630, where the numbers inserted between 80 and 630 are unique to your fine. “When paying via EFT, the space for the reference number allows for only 10 numbers and 10 letters.

Is 4 persons allowed in car Chandigarh? ›

All four-wheeler passenger vehicles, including cars and taxis, will not be allowed to seat more than two passengers in the state.

How many digits are there in challan? ›

3. Challan Identification Number (CIN ) consists of details such as BSR Code of Collecting Branch (seven digit) , Challan Tender Date (DDMMYYYY) and Challan Serial No (length less than or equal to 5 digit) and Amount.

What is the penalty for jumping red light in Chandigarh? ›

About red light jump challan in chandigarh

Red light jumping challan and fine: If you are caught jumping a red light, then the traffic personnel can issue a fine of up to ₹5,000 and even seize your driving license.

What is the highest allowed speed limit? ›

The highest posted speed limit in the country is 85 mph (137 km/h) and can be found only on Texas State Highway 130, a toll road that bypasses the Austin metropolitan area for long-distance traffic.

Is Chandigarh Traffic Police strict? ›

To maintain smooth traffic and road safety, the Government has imposed the strictest rules and regulations in Chandigarh. Anyone who is found breaking traffic rules on roads will be subject to the heaviest fines.

Who has the lowest speed limit? ›

The lowest maximum speed limit in the country is 30 miles per hour (48 km/h) in American Samoa.

Which road has no speed limit? ›

Germany is debating implementing speed limits on its federal highway system Autobahn. You can drive at 120-130KM/H on this highway without being booked. Activists want authorities to reconsider this policy.

What is the maximum speed limit in India? ›

Currently, the maximum speed limit notified by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) is 100 kmph on national highways and 120 kmph on expressways for cars. Mumbai-Pune Expressway is one of the exceptions, where the speed limit is capped at 100 kmph.

What is Max speed in CA? ›

StateRural interstates (mph)Other roads (mph)
California70; trucks: 5565 trucks: 55
47 more rows

Can we pay challan online in Punjab? ›

One can also pay the traffic e-challan in Punjab using the official e-challan website by the Indian Government - Parivahan. Visit the e-challan Parivahan webpage. Enter your Challan number/Vehicle number/Driving License number and the Captcha code and click on "Get Details".

How can I pay my traffic challan through internet banking? ›

Click on the 'Services' tab and go to the 'Payments' section. In this section, go to 'Others' and click GOPB. By entering your details here, e-challan payment can be made conveniently.

How can I pay challan from ePay Punjab? ›

Paying your taxes/fees via ePay Punjab allows you to go cashless and paperless with convenience.
  1. Download the App (ePay Punjab App) To avail convenient tax payment services of ePay, download the App from Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Select a Service (Levy) (Facility) ...
  3. Generate PSID for payment. ...
  4. Make a Payment.

How many digits is a challan identification number? ›

Ans. CIN is the abbreviation for Challan Identification Number. This has three parts - 7 digit BSR code of the bank branch where tax is deposited. - Date of Deposit (DD/MM/YY) of tax - Serial Number of Challan.

How many days do you need to settle a traffic violation? ›

When can an apprehended operator/driver settle his case? An apprehended operator/driver can settle his case within 15 days from the date of apprehension provided the apprehension is reported and encoded in the LTO-IT system.

How do I pay online for no contact apprehension? ›

4. How do I pay the penalty or fine? Payment can be made online, over-the-counter at banks or other accredited payment outlets, or at the Ground Floor, Manila City Hall, Padre Burgos Avenue, Manila City. Visit or and click on the “How Tos” link, for more details.

How do I find my traffic ticket violation number? ›

  1. Login to Absher portal.
  2. ).Click on (Vehicle Services.
  3. Select (Inquiry About Traffic Accidents).
  4. Enter the serial number of the vehicle and the accident number.
  5. Click on (Search).
  6. A detailed report of the traffic accident will appear and you will now be able to print the report.
Jun 17, 2021

How do I pay my traffic fines with mobile money? ›

Using MTN Mobile Money
  1. Dial *165# OK.
  2. 4) Payments.
  3. 5) Fees and Taxes.
  4. 1) URA.
  5. 1) With PRN Payments.
  6. Enter “Payment Registration Number”
  7. Enter “PIN” and tap Send.
Aug 24, 2022

What is the use of challan in bank? ›

"A challan or bank challan is defined as an official document, form, or piece of paper used to credit money from one account to another. It is almost similar to the deposit slip available in the bank with which you can deposit money into someone's account in cash.

How do I get a receipt from ePay? ›

In the Pick Up Requirements section click on the ePay Receipt button. The ePay Receipt will open. You can review your receipt and print it by clinking on the Print button on the lower right corner.

What is 17 digit PSID number? ›

Payment Slip ID (PSID) is a 17-digit unique number generated by WeBOC system for making payment of dues by the trader through internet banking, automated teller machines (ATM), bank's mobile applications, Over the Counter (OTC), Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash etc.

How does ePay work? ›

Shoppers register their debit or credit card when signing up for an ePay account. Shoppers can then make payment either directly from their eWallet, or from the credit or debit card linked to their account. For integration advice, please visit Worldpay developers.


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